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Inflatable Packers

Inflatable Grout Packers from Oil States provide a fast, reliable, and robust seal between the ID of the pile sleeve or jacket leg and the OD of the pile. These packers have been used successfully on thousands of platform jackets for more than 30 years. Oil States grout packers make single-stage grouting possible by providing a seal that is not limited by grout weight or water depth. Single-stage grouting makes the most efficient use of construction barge time.

Grout Packer Flat Wiper Graphic

Inflatable Grout Packer with Back-Up Flat Seal
   • High-strength, nylon-reinforced packer seal element allows one-stage grouting regardless of water
     depth or grout weight.
   • Regular guide shims above the packer protect it during pile driving and ensure pile centering for
   • Complete quality assurance during manufacturing, including material traceability, radio-graphic weld
     inspection and factory pressure testing.
   • Packers withstand pile-driving vibrations and shock loads.
   • The packer seal element can be easily installed in a leg or sleeve at the fabrication yard.
   • There is a wide range of options to meet customer specifications.

After the pile is driven, the grout packer inflation operation is initiated from the jacket work deck through stainless-steel tubing or subsea via ROV or diver connections. The inflatable seal is confirmed prior to grouting operations by use of pressure gauges located at the surface or on a subsea manifold.

Custom Designs
Oil States is widely recognized for custom-designed grout packers for special applications. We have furnished packers up to 180 inches in diameter, packers that withstand inflation pressures up to 1400 psig, packers that accommodate cyclic inflation service, and packers that retain acceptable inflation pressure for as long as one year.

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