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Radial Flow Tee

Prevents Stalled Pigs at Pipeline Tees
The HydroTech™ Radial Flow Tee (RFT) is a specialized fitting that facilitates the passage of pipeline pigs past tee connections – where flow bypass often leaves pigs stranded without restricting product flow. The RFT is effective even for full-diameter branch openings. The key to the RFT is its radial flow design, which provides an inner sleeve to direct the pig through the primary line, past the branch. Flow holes in the sleeve and the annular cavity provide a flow area at least equal to the flow area of the branch line, permitting full product flow through the tee during normal operations.

Radial Flow Tee
Radial Flow Tee

Radial Flow Tees can be supplied for all pipeline sizes, with any size of reducing branch, and to meet any ANSI rating or have the same pressure rating as the host pipeline. RFTs can also be provided with flanged end connections.

Design Specifications
Radial Flow Tees are designed in accordance with ASME Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Division 2, to meet ASME 31.8 or ASME B31.4, unless otherwise specified, and in accordance with applicable sections of MSS SP-75. The design pressure may be specified as an ANSI rating or as the equivalent pressure rating of the matching pipes.

Ordering Information
Please provide the following information on any purchase order or request for quotation:
   • Nominal run pipe size, grade, and wall thickness or bore 
   • Nominal branch pipe size, grade, and wall thickness or bore 
   • Design rating or pipeline pressure 
   • Design code ASME B31.4 or B31.8

   • Design factor

Radial Flow Tee Diagram

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Radial Flow Tee Brochure
Radial Flow Tee Contacts


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