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Swab Cups

Oil States Swab Cups

Type HL-HD Wire Cups*

These wire cups are designated as HL or HD series for Heavy Load or Heavy Duty. The rugged cups are made of strong, flexible spring steel reinforcing wires inserted into an alloy steel base. This forms the "skeleton" for the tough body of special compounded oilfield rubber to make the ultimate cup for deep, heavy duty service. Available in sizes from 1 - 1/4" tubing through 7" casing.

Type EL Wire Cups*

The EL series wire cup is a strengthened version of Oil States standard HD series cup. Because of the extra length and improved wire arrangement, the EL works best in heavy load situations. A combination of long and short wires affords maximum wire density in the critical lower load area of the cup. The EL uses the same high-performance oilfield rubber compound as the HD series. Because of the improved wire arrangement and thicker rubber, it is not necessary to use sleeves when running the EL.

Type M Cups

The workhorse of the "all-rubber" type cups. The M series utilizes an ideal cup configuration, molded of a special long wearing rubber compound bonded to an aluminum or steel sleeve. Type M cups are recommended for deep, heavy duty jobs as well as medium load work. This is Oil States most popular "all-rubber" cup.

Type RTL Cups

Medium to light loads can be adequately handled by this rubber cup. Featuring either steel or aluminum insert sleeves, the RTL cup has a unique "dual lip" feature. The thin lip of the dual lip is the load lip and the heavier long lip is the supporting portion. The same tough Oil States compound used in the M series cups makes the RTL cup Rough, Tough, and Long lasting. Available in all popular sizes of tubing in both full size and under size.

SD Series (Sand Devil) Cups

These highly efficient Oil States all-rubber sand swab cups are designed especially for use in problem wells where there is danger of "sticking" due to a high ratio of sand suspended in the fluid. They are also highly suitable for lifting light loads. The number of Sand Devil cups on a mandrel can be varied to fit specific conditions. Available in 2", 2-1/2" and 3" tubing and 4-1/2" and 5-1/2" casing sizes.

Type SV Cups

SV type swab cups are ideal for use in wells where there is a high ratio of sand suspended in the fluid. These long-life cups are designed to fall fast to speed up swabbing and the flexible lips of the cup automatically expand under a load to compensate for wear. Available in 2", 2-1/2" and 3" tubing casing.

Wireless Cups

These Oil States cups are of a wireless design for use as a long-wearing light load cup. Specially compounded heavy rubber cup walls molded around a metal base provide for long service life.


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All dimensions given in Inches unless otherwise specified.


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